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Sri Kaatu Veera Aanjaneyar Temple Krishnagiri

  • Sri Kattu Veera Anjaneyar temple is located on very close to NH in lush green fields.
  • During the period of Krishnadevaraya, to propagate Vaishnavisam, Anjaneyar sculptures were made in the rocks.
  • The main deity Anjeyanar belongs during this period. With continuous patronage of the people and steady flow of contributions a full fledged temple has been built with Goddess Lakshmi, Venkatachalapathy and Sudashanar.
  • During a visit of Siddhar from Tiruvannamalai to the temple in 1990's stated that people who have unfulfilled desires/wishes, can pray to god by wrapping a coconut in a red cloth along with betel leaf offering, so that their wish will be fulfilled within 3 days, 3 weeks or within 3 months.
  • A lot such offerings can be seen within the temple. During full moon day and no moon day special poojas are performed.